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Mambo™ - Safest Baby Floater



Why Your Baby Needs MAMBO™

Our MAMBO™ Baby Floater is a non-inflatable, airless and safest baby floater on the market (not sold in stores)!

✔️ Helps introduce your baby to water safely

✔️ Safe and secure anti-flip design 

✔️ Boosts babies' confidence while in water

✔️ Extremely breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy

✔️ 5-point safety harness for a secure fit

✔️ Avoid skin rash with soft and skin-friendly TPU fabric

✔️ Fits babies from 3-24 months


"It was so comfortable my kid relaxed as we floated down rivers and same as in pools. It’s sturdy that even when kids jumped in around him or he kicked his way around, it never once moved and it’s lasted us a while and still looks brand new! I raved about this all summer and I would buy over and over again!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

-Kayla C.


See your baby swim from day 1


Building your baby's confidence & preventing fear of water should start early on. You don’t want to wait too long to introduce your baby to the pool. You may be surprised at how naturally good babies are at swimming! 

New 2022 Fully Upgraded Anti-Flip Design


Adjustable 5 Point Safety Harness - Our Thickly padded adjustable crotch & chest strap together with our Double Safety Clasp provides extra security by supporting their legs, preventing them from slipping out or flipping forward.


Plenty of features to keep your baby safe 


The skin-friendly fabric will ensure your baby avoids any unnecessary rashes or scratches. The high-quality buckles will hold your baby firmly in the MAMBOBABY Floater.

Designed for Maximum Comfort & Usability 


The thick padded chest & crotch straps ensure the baby doesn't slip when they are paddling and lets the baby swim comfortably for hours at a time! 


No More Accidental Leakages as in Air Inflatables 


Our PearlFloam™  material is for the next generation of water buoyancy swim assist aids with waterproof high-quality skin. It doesn't require air and you won't have to worry about the float popping or running out of air!

High quality, Lightweight & Portable 


With Quick-drying Technology, the Mambo Swim Float™ is lightweight and portable. You can take it to the beach, pool, tub, etc. Great to use in a bathtub to get your baby comfortable and confident in water before entering the pool!


  • Suitable for babies from 3 months - 24 months
  • Suitable for babies with sensitive skin (Swim cloth)
  • Made with high-quality, environmentally friendly Pearl Foam. This is a premium latex material that is moisture-proof, very breathable, and lightweight with superior buoyancy.


1. Unlock the MAMBO float buckles
2. Place the baby in the middle, facing forward and down
3. Wrap and close the side wings on MAMBO around their back
4. Adjust the strap tightness around the waist of the baby
5. Adjust the bottom crotch straps for tightness to fit the child securely
6. Let your infant or toddler begin to swim in their new and safe MAMBOBABY!


  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME USING THIS PRODUCT. It is designed with safety in mind, but parents' supervision for any water activity is always required. It is highly recommended an adult is within arm's reach at all times
  • Please DO NOT TAKE OFF the plastic cover inside the float 
  • Warning! will not protect against drowning. USE ONLY UNDER CONSTANT SUPERVISION
  • Hand wash with mild detergent. Do not scrub or brush
  • Hang it in a cool and ventilated place after use in order to avoid mildew
  • Keep away from fire and high temperatures, and sharp objects to avoid any damage.

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