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EasySwaddle™ - Cotton Swaddle Bundle

Benefits of Owning the EasySwaddle

✅ Enjoy better and deeper sleep as well as for yourself and your baby

✅ Promote healthy hip development

✅ Eliminate any fear of the swaddle unlocking

✅ Enjoy premium safety for your baby 

✅ Health premium 100% cotton

✅ Choose among unique designs only available on our store

✅ Your baby will feel like in the womb

Very Easy to use


 "EasySwaddle from PandaBambino made me and my babies sleep soo much better and easier. It's unbelievably easy to swaddle your baby with EasySwaddle and I prefer it over any other swaddles we tried. I ordered 6 pieces because I couldn't decide on one pattern!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

- Melissa B.

Features of our EasySwaddle


Enjoy More Sleep Yourself


As your baby learns to self-soothe and sleep better so will you! The light pressure of our swaddle sack deters the startle reflex that typically awakens unswaddled babies. This results in much-needed rest for weary parents.


Easy to use


Easier to use than a traditional baby blanket, a Comfy Cubs swaddle blanket allows you to confidently swaddle up your infant. Its’ modern design includes a leg pocket and adjustable hook-and-loop tabs that fasten securely over baby’s chest for a cozy, reassuring fit.

Thermo Regulating - 100% Cotton


EasySwaddle™ 100% cotton newborn swaddle sacks are lightweight, breathable and keep your infant cool in summer and warm in winter. Natural cotton is softer and gentler on baby’s delicate skin than chemically-treated synthetic fibers.

All-Season Swaddle


Our EasySwaddle is an all-season swaddle due to its high-quality and durable materials. Moreover, it will keep your baby in the temperature sweet spot for a prolonged period of time. The design is made to imitate the Womb and therefore make the baby feel safe and secure.

Adjustable fit 


We offer the EasySwaddle in two sizes and both are made to fit your baby perfectly. We still suggest taking into consideration the shipping time and if your baby is soon to be more than 3 months old, we suggest taking the bigger size (3-6 months)


Promote Healthy Hip Development


EasySwaddle is specific in promoting your babies' healthy hip development with a snug fit and in line with recommendations from professionals. Additionally, the design prevents the startle reflex.


Shipping and Delivery

30-day guarantee