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Baby Bowl

Help your child learn self-feeding skills and see results from day 1

Why Buy Baby Bowl?

  • Safety - The Baby Bowl is made from 100% food-grade silicone, which is BPA, PVC, PHTHALATE, CADMIUM & LEAD-FREE. 
  • Heat/cold management - Baby Bowl is microwave safe (up to 392°F), freezer safe (-104 °F) & dishwasher safe. 



  • Stability - The Baby Bowl has a big suction cup that allows the bowl to stick on most of the high chairs for a mess-free mealtime. Warm tips: Push the central bottom of the baby bowl to let the air out from the suction cup, so the bowl could be sucked well on the table.


  • Baby Spoon - Each feeding set includes a baby training spoon to complete mealtime. Our baby spoons are made of organic wood handle & food-grade silicone spoon. It's soft, flexible, and gum-friendly for your little one.


  • Feeding Skills - The aim of Baby Bowl is to encourage children to learn feeding skills

Warm Tips for the suction cup bowl:

  1. Push the central bottom of the bowl to let the air and the Baby Bowl will be sucked well onto the table.
  2. Wet the suction cup to make it suck on the dinner table longer.
  3. If deformed, The Baby Bowl will straighten itself out after being left for some time.

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